5 Ways to Find Your Own Chronic
Neck Pain Cure...

Chronic neck pain presents itself in many ways. Often symptoms aren’t limited to just the neck. Pain, weakness, and tingling in the shoulders, arms and hands frequently start with a neck problem. Tension headaches are another side effect of neck tension.

neck pain

Getting relief from all of these symptoms isn’t always an overnight quick fix, but there are specific treatments that allow you to get long-term pain relief – without spending hundreds of dollars at the doctor office or risking your health with invasive surgery.

In this article you’ll find five specific natural and non-invasive techniques and treatments you can use to cure your own chronic neck pain in the privacy of your own home.

1) Reduce pain-causing inflammation


Neck pain is almost always associated with inflammation to a certain extent. Reducing inflammation relieves pressure on nerves for temporary pain relief. Remember that this will not correct the physical problem that caused your pain in the first place! But it is important to reduce pain so you can work on the real cause of your pain for a long-term neck pain cure.

While there are a number of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen available at your local pharmacy, there are significant health risks associated with these including increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

We recommend using a natural enzyme-based anti-inflammatory treatments like HealNSoothe or something similar. Using systemic enzyme therapy offers many health benefits in addition to reducing inflammation, while avoiding the risks of traditional drugs.

2) Correct muscle imbalances

Leading physical therapists have discovered that muscle imbalances are the root cause behind most non-trauma cases of back and neck pain.

So what are muscle imbalances? Simply put, the muscles in your body don’t work in isolation, but in tandem with other muscles. When one set of muscles becomes much stronger than another, they eventually overpower and stretch out the opposing muscles. This leads to muscle tension, postural imbalances, and left uncorrected can lead to significant health issues.

Muscle balance therapy is a very effective method for permanently curing back and neck pain. Either work with a qualified healthcare professional, or learn how you can discover and eliminate your own muscle imbalances in minutes using the Lose The Back Pain System.

3) Relieve chronically tight neck muscles

If muscle imbalances are the macro-scale cause of neck pain, trigger points are the micro-scale origin of it. Trigger points are super-tiny contractions of muscle tissue – sometimes so small it takes an electron microscope to photograph them. Yet trigger points have the power to cause muscle pain at the site and even refer pain to distant muscles and tissue.

Finding a massage therapist or chiropractor with a specialty of trigger point therapy can be difficult. But in keeping with our promise to provide you five ways to cure your own neck pain at home, we’ve identified an excellent trigger point self-treatment system which allows you to attack neck pain causing trigger points yourself.

4) Decompress your spine

Spinal decompression is literally an ancient technique for relieving pain caused by too much pressure on the spinal discs in your neck and back. Traction by a chiropractor or physical therapist is often used to treat herniated discs and pain related to spinal compression.

Now you can get the same kind of decompression pain relief right at home by using inversion therapy. Using an inversion table to tilt you from a slight downward angle to completely upside down, gravity itself gently reverses the pressure on your spinal column. Sometimes just minutes on an inversion table can cure years-old back and neck pain.

5) Practice positive thinking

No, we’re not saying your neck pain is all in your mind. But to find a neck pain cure, you first need to believe than you can. Your attitude plays a tremendous role in your ability to recover.

It’s true that chronic neck pain can lead to discouraging thoughts. But next time you begin thinking “Everything I’ve tried has failed… I’m never going to get rid of this neck pain” remember that thousands and thousands of people have found their own neck pain cure already. And you’ll likely be next!



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